Pin it, Save it, Screenshot it and finally add it to your bucket list. We have been doing it, we all have that long list of places we want to visit whether international or domestic. One such place for us had been Leh - Ladakh. After numerous discussions on date, time itinerary, number of people etc etc, we finally sealed the deal and booked our tickets. Here we are now, on our not-more-than-an-hour-long flight to Leh and before I know it, it was now time to put up our tray tables and act all animated while we prepared to Land in 8° […]
Ever heard stories from your grand parents of simple times? How the idea of existence then was to merely fufill the basic needs? To a generation like ours, it sounds like the archaic way of life. As we today, I feel are privileged to have what we do and live like we do.[…]
I have always envied my friends and family who are lucky to be living close to the coastline, it is like they always have an escape from the chaos of city life. While for us, we are the "Not so Fortunate" citizens of the landlocked capital. Apart from weekend drives to what they call the Golden Triangle - Jaipur - Agra - New Delhi, the options are quite limited for us to disconnect from the monotony. On that note, what then comes to our rescue are these hotels strategically located/designed to cater to our ever growing need of "Unwinding". […]
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